Bernie Sanders has formally endorsed Biden, betraying his electorate.

by Apr 14, 2020News

Bernie Sanders Has Betrayed The Left By Formally Endorsing Biden.

Bernie Sanders has officially endorsed Joe Biden. This doesn’t come as a shock, as many conservatives were expecting him to endorse Biden, once he suspended his presidential campaign.

The endorsement of Joe Biden is seen as a major betrayal of left, even though Sanders emulated his 2016 campaign when he endorsed Hillary Clinton.

The far left are raging and are adamant, they refuse to vote for Biden.

The move from Bernie was predictable and somewhat expected. Not only did he endorse Hillary Clinton in 2016, but he said he would absolutely support the eventual Democratic Party nominee, thus betraying his voters.

Bernie or Bust is here and out in force so in all likelihood we are looking at a Trump 2020 landslide, as predicted.

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