Turkey and children drawing rainbows

by May 10, 2020News

The Erdogan regime forbids children from drawing rainbows on the grounds that it corrupts them to become gay.

The state apparatus in Turkey has found a new reason to hate the LGBT community, namely the rainbows drawn by children and hung on the windows. Officials in Turkey apparently ordered school principals to ban children from drawing rainbows and displaying them in windows, for fear that it was a community effort to make children gay, Business Insider reports.

It all started with pandemic control measures. Schools moved to distance learning classes. According to Al-Monitor, a US-based press publication covering the Middle East, the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art asked students on March 28 to draw rainbows and hang them on windowsills to showed the “miracle of nature” and to “spread hope” during the pandemic.

Egitim-Sen, a teachers’ union, says education leaders have told school principals to ban children from participating in the museum project, arguing that the drawings are a plot to make children gay, according to Al-Monitor.

It is the latest incident in which Turkish officials use the pandemic to continue their anti-LGBT messages.

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